Customer Service/Shipping Info

All the information about the fine details when placing an order with us

Shipping & Delivery

Orders are shipped using FedEx Ground unless otherwise requested.  Most items are F.O.B. Canoga Park, California.  Yafaline is not responsible for any delays by the carrier(s) and cannot be held responsible for additional shipping charges, or delays incurred.  Expedited shipping and costs associated with such methods are the sole financial responsibility of the customer.

Estimated general shipping quotes can be given by Yafaline, but they are only estimates.  Yafaline is not responsible for any difference in final shipping costs, with or without having been given an estimated cost. 

Shipping instructions, method, delivery address and delivery date must be clearly included on purchase order.  Title to goods passes to customer/distributor once we deliver the products to the carrier.  Freight claims should be filed with the carrier.  Delays caused by carrier (or natural disasters) are not the responsibility of Yafaline and NO refunds, credits, or returns will be given if carrier is in error.  Yafaline is often billed from carriers when addresses are incorrect, residential deliveries are required or other mishaps occur because proper ship to information was not provided to us.  In such cases, Yafaline will send a supplemental invoice to customer/distributor for such charges and must be paid at once.

International shipments require a UPS/FedEx number at the time the order is placed.  If no shipper number is submitted, Yafaline will charge an additional $20(g) to use our shipper number and you will also be billed for shipping costs.  Taxes, Duties and Broker Fees will not be quoted by Yafaline, and charges for Taxes/Duties/Broker Fees are the responsibility of the customer/recipient. 

We cannot guarantee timing of delivery or arrival of delivery should an order be rerouted.

EARLY SHIPPING: We reserve the right to print and/or ship orders earlier than stated on the order acknowledgement/purchase order unless we have been notified to clearly not ship early. 

Split shipments incur a $5(x) fee per location after the first location.

Handling charges are $6(a) per box on all orders.

Privacy & Security

See Privacy Policy.


Returns & Revisions

Returns must be authorized by Yafaline management.  Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.  The customer must inspect the goods immediately upon arrival, and within 5 business days of their arrival give written notice to Yafaline of any claim that the goods do not conform with the terms of the contract/order.  If the customer fails to contact us within the 5 business days, and without written notice, the goods shall be deemed acceptable and the customer is bound to pay for the goods in accordance with the terms of the contract/order.  Yafaline will not give refunds/credits/reprints after the 5 days have passed.  Yafaline needs to be notified of any discrepancies with the order within the 5 business days and at that time will troubleshoot and determine the cause of the issue, if any.  Yafaline is not responsible for incorrect information given to us by the customer, proofs or acknowledgements that were approved and sent to production.

Merchandise that has been returned will be inspected and returned back to the customer if we do not find any problem with the  merchandise/order.  We are not responsible for shipping the items back to our factory. No credits or refunds will be issued after 60 days of the final invoice date.  Any orders that have to be reprinted due to an issue with the order will be billed in full until original order is received back and inspected. 

Order revisions must be done in writing, via email or fax.  You will receive an updated order acknowledgement/art proof that must be approved prior to beginning production.

CANCELLATIONS:  Cancelled orders must be done via email or fax.  A minimum of $30(g) plus all charges incurred to date will be billed accordingly.  If the order is already in production, the full order will be billed for even when cancelled.

RESTOCKING FEES:  Any items beginning with a “K”, “IA”, “AC”,  or “N” will incur a restocking fee of 20% of the cost of the order and will be billed accordingly. Items beginning with “OS” cannot be restocked and the full order will be charged if cancelled.


PLACING ORDERS:  All orders must be faxed or emailed ( only.  You must include industry association numbers (ASI/PPAI/SAGE) as well as your company’s full contact information.  Supplying a FedEx or UPS number on your order is preferred for shipping. 

Please include a hard copy of the artwork when possible, to go with the purchase order. 

REPEAT ORDERS: You must reference the prior purchase order number on the new (repeat) order.  Any orders prior to the past 12 months may incur a new set up charge should the artwork no longer be available.  Repeat orders are $20(g) repeat set up fee (per color/location imprints)  ANY change in artwork or purchase order is not considered a repeat order and will be treated as a new order, incurring new set up charges, as well.

CUSTOM ORDERS: Custom orders available, please call or email for more information.

SAMPLES:  Sample requests must be emailed to or faxed to Yafaline prior to 2:00pm Pacific Standard time.  Sample orders take 1-2 days to process.  Orders are not guaranteed to ship out the day they are received.  Blank or random imprinted samples will be sent unless otherwise requested.  You must provide a valid UPS or FedEx number, otherwise samples will be sent US Mail.  Samples are billed at EQP if they are $3.00 or more.  No more than 3 samples of each item will be sent. 

BLANK ITEMS: There is no minimum for blank goods.  Lead time for blank goods to be sent out is approximately 24-48 hours.  Prices are EQP for blank items.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

All new customers and customers on prepaid terms are required to pay by credit card prior to their order going into production.  Orders will not go into production without verified pre-payment.   Credit cards are charged at time of shipment.  Should a credit card be declined, your order will not ship out until payment has gone through, and will delay your shipment.  We are not responsible for delays due to payment issues.  Customers set up on Net 30 terms have only 30 days to pay the balance.  Future orders will not be processed if there is an overdue balance on the account.  Delays in response to requests for payment will delay the ship date.

CONTRACT PRINTING: Yafaline also provides contract printing on certain items provided by customers.  This is called PADCO.  Please visit our website for pricing and information. 

This catalog supersedes all previous catalogs, prices, offers, items, specifications and prices subject to change without notice.

Logos shown on products on our web site appear only to illustrate the products we offer and the variety of ways in which they can be decorated. The use of logos that are trademarks or copyrighted work of other companies are never intended to suggest that Yafa owns the rights to those trademarks, or that Yafa would make those products featuring the trademarked logos of others available to any purchaser without the permission of the owners of the trademarked or copyrighted art or copy. By submitting any order to us you grant us permission to display and exhibit products containing your trademark or copyrighted material on our web site, in our catalog, in our offices, and in the usual course of business and to distribute the same or similar goods as samples of products available. We agree not to sell or offer for sale any products with your trademarks or copyrighted material without your prior consent.

Production & Inventory

INVENTORY:  Yafaline accepts no liability for inability to ship an order due to shortage of stock.  Please check inventory with us before placing the order.  Once the purchase order is received and processed, the stock for your order will be put aside for your order.  We do not guarantee stock availability otherwise. 

PRODUCTION TIME: Standard production time is 7-10 business days after final art proof and order acknowledgement are approved and received by us.  Yafaline reserves the right to increase or decrease production time as necessary.  Tentative shipping dates are noted on order acknowledgements.  Production time does not include shipping time.  If an in-hands date is required for an event, it must be noted on the original purchase order.  Yafaline is not responsible for missed event dates due to in hands dates not being noted by the customer, or order acknowledgements/art approvals not made on time.

OVERRUNS/UNDERRUNS: 5%-10% over or underruns are applicable to complete orders and will be billed accordingly.  If you require exact quantities it must be noted on the original purchase order (no charge for exact quantities). This applies to every order (even repeat orders).

SPEC SAMPLES: Pre-production/Spec Samples are available for $100 net plus the cost of the item, but 50% of the Spec sample fee will be credited if the order is placed. Set ups will then not be incurred on the final order if the sample is approved. Additional Spec Samples will also be charged as the first one. Spec samples can be produced within 7 business days of the final art proof and order acknowledgement approvals. Once Spec samples are approved, production time for the entire order will begin. 


Other Important Information

ART PROOFS: The first proof and first revision are done at no charge. Any further revisions and art proofs will incur a $10(a) charge for each subsequent revision. Yafaline will provide Virtual Proofs prior to an order being placed, at no charge, if requested by the customer. Final art approval is still required should the order be placed after.

ASSORTED COLORS: We do offer assorted colors on most products with no charge for assortments. Should the item colors require a different imprint color, a color change charge will be incurred $20(g) per color change.

COLORS: Please note that item colors shown in the catalog or on our website(s) may not be identical to the item. Monitors, photography and other factors may affect what is displayed. We cannot guarantee exact item colors on repeat orders and are not responsible if they differ from a previous order.

COPY CHANGES: $20(g) per color or copy change. P

MS COLOR MATCH: $30(g) per color match. Available on most items (please see stock color chart) PMS matches cannot be guaranteed on dark color items. If you require an exact match you must state ‘exact match’ on your purchase order and tell us the PMS number. If you do not require an exact match you may say “close to” on your purchase order, and we will come as close as possible to that color, and without a PMS charge. Colors may be affected by the material or color of the item being imprinted. We are not responsible should this occur.

REGISTRATION: A registration variance of 1/18 to 1/32 of an inch (+ or -) may occur on multiple color imprints.

LESS THAN MINIMUM: Less Than Minimum (LTM) fees are $50(g), and one half of the lowest minimum is the absolute minimum.

POLYBAGGING AND PACKAGING: Not all items are polybagged. Please call for more information. If you require polybagging, there is a charge of $ .50(g) per item. We do offer other packaging for purchase as well (call for details and options).